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Protection of personal data

The FFTM processes personal data for the contact details of the natural person of the Professional (hereinafter “the Person concerned”) for the purposes of:

  • Opening and managing their account,
  • Processing requests for samples,
  • The sending of information, newsletters and marketing information, etc. by the FFTM or the Tanners to which the Professional has made a request for samples, unless the Professional should refuse this.

Essential personal data are identified as such in the webforms. If the Professional fails to provide this information, the FFTM will be unable to satisfy the request.

The processing of these data are based on the performance of a contract to which the Person concerned is party and, as appropriate, in the legitimate interests of FFTM to inform them and undertake marketing actions to them.

The data are stored for the period during which the Professional’s account is active, then archived for legal purposes during the mandatory period for these purposes, and for marketing actions for a period of three years from their collection or from the last contact.

These data are shared only with authorised personnel for the departments concerned within FFTM, as well as certain suppliers who may have reason to access them.

The FFTM ensures that data are processed in such a way as to guarantee an appropriate level of data security.

The Person concerned has a right to access, correct, and delete, and to the portability of their data, as well as a right to oppose or limit their processing under the conditions and limits provided by regulations. They also have a right to specify conditions relating to the storage, deletion and transfer of their personal data after their death.

To exercise their rights, the Person concerned should contact the FFTM by email at the following address: DPOatleatherfrance [dot] com or by regular mail, addressed to the Data Protection Officer, FFTM, 122 rue de Provence, 75008 Paris, France. The request should indicate their family name, first name, postal address and specific nature of the request. In case of reasonable doubt as to the identity of the person making the request, the FFTM may ask them to provide additional information necessary to confirm the identity of the Person concerned.

If the person concerned believes that their rights have been infringed, or that the processing of data by FFTM does not comply with the applicable regulations, they can make a complaint to the French national data commissioner’s office, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), 3 place de Fontenoy, TSA 80715 75334 Paris Cedex 07, Tel. +33 1 53 73 22 22.


All information being reproduced on the website, in particular the financial information and statistics, is purely indicative and are not of any contractual nature. They could not engage the responsibility of the French Tanners Federation.

In spite of the efforts implemented to regularly update the contained information on the site, the French Tanners Federation is not responsible for the modifications that could occur subsequently to the publication and the update of the website.

In a general manner, it could not be held responsible in case of force majeure, usually recognized by jurisprudence.

The French Tanners Federation is not responsible for the possible errors or breakdowns inherent in the system of information. Particularly, it could not be held responsible for the times of transmission, of the reliability of the data transmissions, times of access, or possibly, the restrictions of access on networks and/or specific servers connected to Internet network.

The French Tanners Federation constantly reserves the right to modify the information presented on this site.


The French Tanners Federation disclaims all liability as for the contents or services provided on the websites activated by the hyperlinks and as for the difficulties which the internet user could meet to reach it, in particular on the links leaving the site.

Availability of the services

The French Tanners Federation provides its best efforts to maintain the access to the website. However, it can have to stop the access to the site temporarily or definitively, in particular for legal reasons, techniques or maintenance. No allowance can be granted by the French Tanners Federation for unavailability of the site, temporary or final.

Intellectual property

The general structure, the texts, photographs, animations, videos, graphs and know-how as any other element composing this website are the exclusive property of the editor and are protected by the right of the author.

Any representation total or partial of this site, by any process, without written authorization of the editor is thus prohibited and would constitute a counterfeit. The brands, trade names and logos being reproduced on this site are registered trademarks by their respective owner. Any reproduction total or partial of the brands, logos, texts or other contents, from the elements of the website without written authorization of their owner, is thus prohibited.


Any bearing litigation on interpretation or execution of these conditions will be exclusive competence of the French Courts making application of the French law.


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